Trademark Services

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Trademark Clearance Searches

Our trademark searches are conducted by experienced trademark attorneys, and typically cover not only the records of the U.S. Trademark Office and 50 state trademark offices, but also a wide range of business directories, press releases, the Internet and other resources. Foreign searches are also available. Almost always we are able to provide a full report of the search results and our legal opinion within 48 hours of our receipt of a search request. We can also provide same-day service upon request.

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Trademark Applications

We file trademark applications in the United States and in all other countries where protection is required. We file hundreds of domestic and foreign trademark applications for our clients each year, and we have extensive experience in all stages of the registration process, including preparing and filing the applications, responding to any objections raised by trademark offices and resolving disputes which may arise after the applications are accepted and published. We are experienced in registering many different kinds of marks, including design marks, color marks, slogans and distinctive product configurations.

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Trademark Portfolio Management

We maintain comprehensive computerized records of all our clients' pending trademark applications and issued registrations, and can provide our clients with secure online access to their trademark records, so that they can easily view and print out comprehensive reports showing which marks are protected, in which countries and for which goods and services.

By revealing any gaps in coverage as market conditions change, these records provide our clients with a basis for evaluating the scope of their current trademark protection and for developing strategies to enhance that protection in the future.

We also frequently review our clients' marketing materials and make recommendations about proper trademark usage and protection whenever appropriate.

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Trademark Watching Services

We continually monitor the official records of the U.S. Trademark Office to identify published applications for marks which may conflict with our clients' marks. In the event of such a conflict, we can then take action to prevent the other party from obtaining a registration. Upon request, we can also monitor the records of foreign trademark offices and a wide range of other databases in order to detect conflicting marks at the earliest possible time.

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Resolving Trademark Conflicts

We have considerable experience in dealing with trademark infringement disputes, both when other entities are infringing our clients' marks, and when our clients are accused of infringing other entities' marks. Because of the increasingly high cost and the uncertainty of litigation, we always seek to resolve disputes without resorting to the courts, if we can do so in a manner which protects our clients' interests.

When litigation becomes necessary, we work closely with our clients to develop a strategy for success. Our long experience and staff of skilled paralegals equip us to handle even the most complex disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.